7 Digital Marketing Strategies That You Can Use During COVID-19

Many brands and companies must change their marketing and communication channels during COVID-19. We can't change the problems, but it is an opportunity to find alternative ways and methods to get leads, sales, and keep your customers. In this article, BEST DIGITAL offers seven digital marketing strategies that you can use today.

1. Learn About SEO

Your audience will keep searching for information and products as they always do. However, they will use the available tools. It is not possible to get out of home in many cities, or they don't want to risk it. The next available option is to use the internet.

You can be prepared by adding information and offers to your website. If you don't have a website yet, it is not difficult to create one. Then, you need to make sure that search engines show your site when people search for it. If your customers search on Google about your business and can't find it, they will search for other alternatives. You need basic SEO optimization to be visible on search engines and get ranked for keywords relevant to your brand.

2. Local SEO

Getting ranked for local keywords in your niche is a little more difficult than keywords relevant to your brand. You need to optimize your listings or your website for keywords as "product + your area".

Many people their mobile phones with voice search or just typing for companies around them. It is a simple and quick way to find what they want. You can easily get new leads and clients if you get ranked for these keywords. There are many listings for local businesses that include information and reviews for existing customers. They can help you to get more visibility these days and use it as another marketing strategy in the future.

3. Use Social Media to Communicate with Your Audience

Social media can help with branding and marketing of your business. Also, it can be a tool to communicate with your audience during COVID-19. It's quite easy to create and post content with information about your company or your niche.

A good social media strategy should focus on content creation and engagement. The top social media marketers have a daily routine that they leave comments, make likes, and reply to any messages. The content creation depends on your niche, but you need to strive for both quality and quantity. You can create content about anything relevant to your industry. Consistency will allow you to inform your existing customers about your brand, get new followers, and it's possible to get leads if you send traffic to a landing page.

4. PPC Advertising

PPC marketing includes advertising programs that you pay per click. You can get started with popular options like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. Most big platforms on the internet have an advertising program that you can use to promote your offers. PPC advertising is about creating ads, get traffic, and test the results. You don't need any long-term strategy or content creation. The marketers pay for the traffic and evaluate their results.

It can be extremely profitable when you promote special offers or give discounts to your customers. Also, it is a tool to win your competition because you can bid for keywords that you can't get ranked or target their audience on social media. In both cases, you need a strategy on how to get the best possible results. Your goal is to earn more money than you spend in the long-term for these ads.

5. Video Marketing

You can use videos in every part of your marketing. It can work on your sales pages, social media, and pages of your website. Video can trigger emotions and allow us to explain our products and services. So, you can expect more engagement and conversions than other types of content.

Video platforms like YouTube can be another part of your marketing strategy. YouTube has over 1 billion users. You can use this platform to build your audience and find existing customers. If you add a link to the description of the video, you can easily send traffic to your website.

Lastly, you can use live video, webinars, and video conferences to promote your products and communicate with your audience. It's a great alternative to the standard business meetings that are not possible during COVID-19.

6. Email Marketing

If you already have email addresses from your leads and customers, you can create email marketing campaigns. Emails can help you to stay in touch with your audience, build trust, and promote your products. The best method depends on the goals of your business.

There are many tools that you can use to get new email addresses like autoresponders and funnel creators. If you have another source of traffic, you can send them to a landing page that you ask for an email address in exchange for an offer or a free gift. Then, you can create an email series to build a relationship with your subscribers. Email marketing can become a long-term strategy if you use it properly.

7. Special Offers

This is a great time to make some special and unusual offers. These offers can include big discounts for new customers or long-term offers for existing customers. It is a great way to close deals for the period after COVID-19 as well.

Soon, the world will go back to normal, and it's fine to be prepared for that. For example, you can give discounts to those who will buy your products in advance or offer long-term deals. Then, you can use any of the methods that are mentioned in this article to inform your audience. People love to find good offers, so you can get an advantage from your competitors these days.


There are many strategies for marketing during COVID-19. You don't have to sit back and wait, but you can reach your audience with the available ways. The best part is that many of these strategies can serve your business after COVID-19. Contact Best Digital for all your Digital Marketing needs at 1-833-726-7347


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